Spice says her Ex Wanted To Take her House, He says She is a “Very Convincing Liar”

September 24, 2020

In a live chat where she answered 21 questions Spice addressed the situation that took place with her ex that had so many people asking questions. It was just in 2019 the two had a big falling out where the veteran entertainer accused her ex of being a deadbeat father after he showed up at their son’s graduation after not seeing him for three years.

Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, told the persons on the live chat that her baby father tricked her all the time they were together. She stated that he was the type to profess his love for her every day, also explaining that he loved to kiss her.


Grace said, however, when she and her ex broke up, he wanted to take her to court to take her house. She also stated that her children almost did not have a home.

In a case like hers, Spice is stating that a prenuptial agreement is necessary, especially when the man in the relationship has nothing.

Months ago Nicholas made a video and posted it online outlining that Spice is out and about bashing him online even though he doesn’t do the same because he thinks about the children they have together “mi nuh live fi social media anything yuh see a dat yuh get…. me and yo lef and mi neva come out fi come style yo no way” he went on to explain that the kids will see the videos she put out on the internet degrading their father.

He also went on to explain hat he knows Grace more than anybody else and that she is “a very convincing liar”

See his video below.

Earlier he also said while himself and Spice were together she cast a spell over him so that his mind was not right, in other words, Nicholas claims Spice tied him and that the queen of the dancehall doesn’t get her blessings from God, inciting that the female dancehall has a connection to the devil.


However, she is not living in the past either as she has been sighted in a viral photo, kissing a rastaman that has her fans wondering who is the new mate. This new relationship is yet to be made official by Grace who joked about the viral photo.

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She and Justin Budd were in a tight embrace, his hands were resting on her butt and they seemed to be kissing. Some fans have decided to hold on to their own views about Budd who is the Director of Photography and CEO at JBudd Media Inc. located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Spice who is now 38th lives in Atlanta where she works and takes care of her two kids.

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