Disrespects Handed Out At Sumfest: Intence Vs Jahshii, Masicka Vs Alkaline/Adonia, Jahshii Vs Silk Boss, Ishawna Vs Bounty

The return of the greatest reggae festival in the world showcased top-notch performances from some of the most trending and iconic artistes in Jamaica. Not only that, the staging of Reggae Sumfest 2022 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego, St James is also where several entertainers fired subliminal shots at each other.

One of the most noticeable shots fired came from Intence, who ascended on the stage following an alleged altercation with fellow dancehall artiste Jahshii’s entourage. It is unclear what happened prior to Intence’s performance, but the allegations claim that Jahshii wanted to perform before Intence and an altercation broke out between both of their entourage.

According to Vlogger Amari Deraisx, the allegations state that Aidonia called on Khago to join his set and he was also supposed to call on Intence. However, Teejay wanted to go before Intence and Teejay’s entourage along with Intence’s entourage started a dispute.

Amari continued to say that Teejay allegedly ended the dispute by working things out with Intence. Teejay then went on to perform and following his performance Intence was supposed to take the stage.

It is alleged that Intence was making his way to the stage to perform, but Jahshii wanted to go on before him and the two along with their entourage allegedly started arguing. The rumours claim Jahshii and his large entourage fought intence and his party. According to one rumour, Jahshii allegedly even threw one of Intence’s crew aside.

It is also alleged that Jahshii was dissing Intence as a “batty bwoy” during the brawl.

After the alleged incident, an irate Intence took to the stage last Friday, dissing Jahshii as an “eediot” who shot himself, which references an old interview Jahshii did telling Anthony Miiller that he once shot himself.

“Bredda we neva hear unnuh name call pan nuh murder. A shot unnuh shot unnuh self, unnuh a eediot,” the Clutcha singer shouted in the microphone and jumped into aggressively singing his hit song “Poison”, which seemed to be aimed at Jahshii.

However, Jahshii is yet to respond to Intence and when he performed, the only subliminal he threw was at Silk Boss, who fired a diss track at him that went unanswered. Just before ending his performance, Jahshii turned to popular sound system selector Marlon ‘Boom Boom’ Wizard saying he was the one who told him not to “follow up some man”.

“A yuh tell mi seh nuh follow up some man. From Joe nuh book dem pan di platform, we nah put dem pan di platform,” Jahshii said.

Masicka also had a bone to pick with one of his fellow deejays and he used Sumfest stage to send his message. Masicka, who declared on the microphone that he was underrated despite being the best of the best, announced at the festival that no one was on his level.

While he refrained from calling names, it is speculated that the shots were allegedly targeting Alkaline or Aidonia.

“Dem nuh give me di credit mi deserve. A couple years well mi a di baddest thing inna di business,” he said during his performance. “Dem cyah find hit song like me nuh time. A talk dem talk it and try fi hide mi glory. Mi a di baddest artiste inna Jamaica right now.”

Masicka continued saying that his rivals were going around his name “like rat” because they are afraid of him.

While he stressed that he is not credited for his great work, he added that he did not need the validation of others because he was already rich.

Watch the video of Intence dissing Jahshii and Masicka sending a message below.


Watch Jahshii sending a message to Silk Boss below.

One of the most viral moments of Reggae Sumfest Festival night 1 was the raunchy performance Ishawna gave with life-size cardboard cut-outs of the prime minister, the minister of health and, most importantly, Bounty Killer, who was instrumental in embellishing her hit single Equal Rights.

Bounty responded to Ishawna by saying the following “Jamaicans y’all says how we rate the general for his contributions to the poor and the development of other artiste etc. then y’ll sat there laughing how a little fly batty pissen tail dancehall mattress witch styled me right here a Jamaica who claimed them love and rate me that’s why I had ntn to say I leave y’all to God and Time,” Bounty said while expressing gratitude to his growth and maturity which has made him wise enough to “Act and not React”.

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