“Dog Paw” First Interview Since Being Freed Pt. 2

In the part two section of Loop news’s interview, the formerly incarcerated Christopher Linton otherwise known as “Dog Paw” continued to speak on how the prison was his worse experience and how he is filling in the gaps now that he is a free man.

The interview was conducted at a site where woodwork was being done, something Linton says he has an interest in since it is a better way forward. In this part of the interview “Dog Paw” had more encouraging words for the youths, letting them know that they can always rise from the past and they should never give up.

According to Linton, moving forward for him will include motivating youths and uplifting people from inner-city communities. “Freedom is a must” and with that being said he is encouraging youths to keep their heads up and stay positive as the chance to change things is very much possible.

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“Dog Paw” Interview

While incarcerated the now 34-year-old man, referenced veteran Dancehall artiste Ninja Man as one of the persons who always motivated him while in prison, as well as Other elders who were there for him.

Where his children are concerned, he said it was a heartwarming moment to see them especially those he was just seeing for the first time. “Dog Paw” was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2013 after he was accused with another man of shooting at two police officers, who were driving through Tavern Drive.

He was freed this year after appealing the case, ending up only serving a total of 8 years behind bars. Watch part 2 of the interview below.

Check out Part one below.

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