Dog Paw Shot and Hospitalized

St. Andrew strong man, Christopher Anthony Linton aka Dog Paw was shot and injured on Saturday night, he is reported to be in the hospital currently. At the moment details are sketchy and there are conflicting reports with regards to where the former most wanted man n Jamaica was shot.

Residents report that he was shot in the Tavern Area of St. Andrew, however, the police are detailing that he was shot in Bull Bay. Dog Paw was shot in the upper body, between 8 pm to 9 pm according to reports. Christopher is said to be in stable condition at the hospital and will be questioned by the police about the incident in which multiple people were shot including himself.

He will also be questioned about a recent shooting that took place in Bull Bay and also on ammunition which was reportedly seized by the police.

In his only interview since release, Linton outlined that he was being targeted even though he is a free man.

Dog Paw was freed in April 2020 from his 15-year prison sentence after spending several years behind bars, he was freed by the Court of Appeal along with his co-accused. The sentence was handed down in 2013. Linton was said to be a strong force in the communities of Papine, Kintyre, Tavern, and August Town who according to the police, led a huge ring of extortion activities.

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The constabulary force has admitted to Dog Paw being very organized also stating that he led a gang called “The Dog Paw Gang”. In the year 2010, the police led a very determined search for the man they claimed was an area leader and even offered $250,000 to anyone who could assist them in finding Linton.

At the time, the police operation was being done to find “Dog Paw”, he was being accused of leading an attack, in Bedwards Garden, in Kingston that involved 50 men spraying a house with bullets, then burning it down leaving a family of three dead. Linton was also accused amongst other men of the shooting of a policeman. At the time “Dog Paw” who was just 24 years old was desperately hiding to keep alive.

While in his hideout “Dog Paw” would send messages to the police letting them know he was scared for his life and that he was innocent. The police, however, sent out a message letting him know that he could have turned himself in without worrying about his safety. Eventually, in the Police operations, Dog Paw was found at a house in Elleston flats, where the lawmen, also said a 9mm pistol was also found.

The charges relating to the murder of the family of three was dropped, as there was no witness to prove Dog Paw was involved. Even before he was sentenced, there were numerous calls for help from Linton and his legal team, as it was said that he was being physically abused.

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The experience was also documented by Dog Paw in a letter to his baby mother Leah Tavares Finson, which was published in the local Jamaican news. Leah is also known to be the daughter of Attorney at law Tom Tavares Finson and Cindy Breakspare the mother of Reggae legend, Damian Marley. She now mother’s a child for Dancehall artiste, Jahvillani.

In the letter, Linton pleaded his innocence and stated that he was being beaten by the authorities, to the extent of getting parts of his body badly damaged. Dog Paw was expected to be freed in the year 2025, however as reported, the Court of Appeal granted the once Jamaica’s most wanted man an early release..

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