Drake Blasts Judge Over Young Thug’s Leaked Jail Video Call and Calls For His Release

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 4:07 PM GMT-5

Canadian rapper Drake offers his strong opinion on a video leaked on Wednesday showing a clip of a jail call between Young Thug and his girlfriend, Mariah The Scientist. Drake unequivocally called out the judge in charge of the ongoing Rico case against Young Thug, Ural Glanville.

During the viral leaked video in question, the couple expresses their love for each other as well as talks about a present that Young Thug bought Mariah for Christmas. Currently, there is no information as to who and how the video surfaced online.


However, Drake seemingly blamed the leak on the individuals in charge of the historic trial in his response via social media. The rapper also called for Thug’s release. According to him, the whole case brought against the Atlanta rapper was a “wash”.

“This gotta be some form of jail misconduct, you gonna drag this talented man then not be able to control your employees using his personal business for their own gain? Somebody benefited from this video even existing, and that’s shameful, whole case is a wash just 3 the guy and let him come home and continue bringing light to Atlanta,” Drake wrote via Instagram.

Despite his lengthy post, Drake was not finished with his fiery response. He continued by directing a question to the judge who presided over the RICO trial of YSL, “S**t is disgraceful… is this a criminal case or Atlanta social media promo Ural Glanville?”

See Drake’s response below:

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