Elaine Thompson-Herah Confident She’s The ‘Greatest Female Sprinter of All Time’ Despite Recent Setbacks Plus Talks New Coach – Watch Interview

Friday, August 18, 2023, 4:07 PM GMT-5

Though Elaine Thompson-Herah did not qualify to compete in any individual event at this year’s World Athletics Championships, she is confident in her current fitness. The Olympic champion expressed that she has no plans to disappoint when she joins her team in the 4x100m relays and further expressed her confidence as the greatest female sprinter of all time.

Thompson-Herah, along with her fellow Jamaican athletes, are currently in Budapest, Hungary, for the World Championships, which is set to kick off on Saturday.


Fresh off the track as she prepares to compete, Thompson Herah spoke on her injuries, her new coach, and the forthcoming championship. Thompson-Herah shared that after the Jamaican National Championships, she was advised to take two weeks off from training. Happy to be back on the track, the 31-year-old’s two primary goals are now to complete the 2023 season and help her team qualify for the 4x100m relay.

Speaking on the recent hire of former MVP coach Shanikie Osbourne, Thompson-Harah stated that despite recruiting Osbourne, her husband, Derron Herah, will still be a part of her coaching team. According to Thompson-Herah, she has been considering Osbourne as an addition to her team for roughly a year and a half now.

In regards to how long she will be working with Osbourne, the sprinter said they are currently in a trial period to see if they are both a good fit to continue the partnership for the 2024 season and years to come. She went on to confirm that she has no plans to return to the MVP Track Club.


Despite her injuries and disappointing start to her season, Thompson-Herah is confident she still has more speed to give and shared her belief that there was something “bigger and better” coming. Further expressing a confident outlook on her setbacks, Thompson-Herah shared that her losses have pushed her to fight.

“…when you’re a true champion, you’re not gonna have everything sum up the way you want it […] The fact that I have so much hurdles and obstacles to fight, I will keep on fighting because I do believe I am the greatest female sprinter of all time, and until it is disproven, i can repeat whatever I’ve done before,” Thompson-Herah stated.

Watch the interview below.

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