Experts Reject Study that Claims 30% of Jamaicans are Gay

Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 1:16 PM GMT-5

Dr. Orville Taylor a Sociologist has spoken out against the claim that was made after there was a research commissioned by (JFLAG) the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays. They claim that between 7 and 30 % of Jamaicans are lesbians, gays, transgender or bisexual.

However, Dr. Taylor spoke about the earlier report which stated that Jamaicans are homophobic and he believes it is impossible for people to go from being homophobic to being gay in such a short time.

He also pointed out that this percentage was even higher than the one for the US and thought it would be good to see the background of the persons who did the research.

It is possible that the persons who are trying to get the Government to change the buggery law fixed a research that would help them to achieve their goal.

Indi Mcylmont-Lafayette the gender specialist at the University of the West Indies has started speaking about the need to change the Jamaican anti-buggery law.

A pastor of the Christ Church in Vineyard Town reported that he has seen an increase in the number of persons who are coming out and seeking counseling to sort out their feelings as well as those who are talking about their gay tendencies.

However, the LBGT group has not addressed the protection of children and the effect that more talk about sexuality is having on them. If children are being abused when a buggery law is in place they should ask themselves what would happen if it is removed.


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