Female Prisoners Having a Twerking Session – Watch Video

Monday, October 2, 2023, 5:08 PM GMT-5

Prison might not be a bed of roses, but some prisoners try to have a bit of fun while doing their time. This might explain why there was a twerk session happening at a women’s correctional centre.

A video has surfaced showing female inmates having a fun time whining and shaking their butts. The dance-off attracted many cheers inside the prison from other women, encouraging the women to jiggle their assets even more.


Some of the women were dressed in white tops with matching shorts/pants, while others wore white blouses with grey bottoms. Some of the women were spotted twerking on each other while others were twerking at the top of stairs, holding to a column, and even climbing on top of seats.

Watch the video of the inmates below:


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