Fight Between Policewoman and Woman in Jamaica

Chaos erupted when police officers from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) were arresting a man. A surfaced video shows the officers surrounded by a large group of disgruntled civilians.

At the beginning of the video, two police officers (male and female) are holding a man. The policeman is holding a baton, and a civilian can be heard stating, “Yuh deh pan camera.”


Shortly after, a commotion is heard, and the female officer quickly leaves to break up a fight between a policewoman and a woman. The fight elicits shouts from onlookers while other JFC members attempt to separate the two.

The woman can be seen clawing at the policewoman’s face, and the officer swings at her. Once separated, the policeman checks her forehead, which is later revealed to be bleeding.

Additionally, while another officer tried to restrain the female, the woman still attempted to break free. Next, the injured policewoman attempts to strike the woman, even using her baton, which elicits more protests from the crowd.

However, the police restraining the woman obstruct her colleague from hitting the woman.

Shortly after the policewoman walks off, the video shows the man from the beginning. He is seen sitting on a bench with police officers surrounding him, and he falls off as he seemingly resists arrest. The video concludes shortly after a civilian urges him to stop resisting.

The date and the location of the incident are currently unknown. The video was shared on Instagram on Sunday by trelawny_trending.

Watch the video of the fight HERE: CLICK

One IG user said, “Jah jah the policewoman bex cause she nu get Fi fight bk enuh ☹️🤣🤣🤣.”

Another IG user said, “All fun and joke a side a some real jelly back dem deh eno😂😂.”

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