Foota Hype and Konshens’ developing feud

Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 11:51 PM

Dancehallers Foota Hype and Konshens are the latest to fallout online. The latest saga began after Konshens made a post on Kemar Highcon’s video about Foota, Foota Hype did not take to this kindly and has since launched an attack via a lengthy statement, stating some not so nice things about the “gal a bubble” artiste.

According to Foota Hype, Konshens is “ungrateful” because he was the one who got Konshens a buzz in the streets with “winner” song, the song that gave Konshense the big break. Foota also states that he resurrected Konshens’ career years ago after he fell-off.


Foota also alleges that Konshen is a “nasty bowers boy” and that’s the reason why the two can’t see eye to eye. Read Foota’s statement below.

Konshens is yet to respond to Foota Hype’s statement however he gave a Covid-19 update, see below.

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