Foota Hype Claps Back At Fully Bad, Says He Spent Millions On Fully Bad And Let Him Know Mavado – Watch Video

Sunday, December 31, 2023, 6:41 AM

Dancehall selector Foota Hype finally addresses the many claims made by Fully Bad against him, in his response, the former manager of the dancehall artiste refers to Fully Bad as one of the biggest fabricators he has ever known and says he did not make back a dollar off his career despite spending millions on Fully Bad’s musical endeavours.

One of the claims made by the artiste revealed that he had one pair of shoes and limited outfits while he was under Foota’s management. However, Foota Hype disclosed a different story from the one Fully Bad detailed in an interview.


The selector said Fully Bad was not only trying to make him look bad but also his own mother as she always sends clothes for him.

“How yuh know Tasha May, how yuh know Keiva, how yuh know Jesus dung a Spencer’s Tailoring and the store them inna Jesus place nuh me carry yuh go buy clothes youth?” Foota Hype declared in his Instagram Live.

Foota Hype also rubbished Fully Bad assertion that he’s the nephew of dancehall superstar Mavado and that Foota is the reason they no longer speak. According to Foota, he is the person who introduced the artiste to Mavado, despite the Gullyside singer not keen on the linkage.

“Uno ever see Mavado mention Fully Bad ever inna life? But yuh ago tell people seh a me mek you and singer nuh deal, me mek you and singer and nuh deal?.. Singer nuh like yuh from morning ano me cause nuttin’ a me mek you and singer talk pon phone, so how yuh fi seh that, that’s another lie,” Foota outlined.

In closing Foota told his side of the story of the conflict between the two of their brothers, which Fully Bad said led to Foota driving away and leaving him stranded in Mobay. Foota stated that he was lying as he was the person who paid for his hotel room, food and gas costs via Wester Union remittance.

See the video below:

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