Foota “Sick And Tired Of The Sucking Business” In Dancehall

May 21, 2022

Foota Hype has made it abundantly clear he is “sick and tired of the sucking business” that is constantly being incorporated into dancehall music. The veteran selector warned artistes that all dancehall songs handed to him for review containing oral sex will be immediately thrown away.

“Mi sick and tired a di sucking business inna di song dem,” he stressed during a video recording. “Anytime mi get nu song fi review and mi listen and mi hear nuting bout nu sucking, mi done wid di song. Mi a dash it weh, delete it. Right den and there it a come offa mi program.”


Foota emphasized that he is dead serious about his warning and posed a question to entertainers, asking if “sucking” is the only sexual act that amazes them. “Nuting else weh gyal do nu amaze yuh fi yuh put inna song?” he asked. “All unnuh can put inna song a sucking?”

He continued questioning if relationship and sex were solely centred around the one “sucking” sexual activity.

He added that he didn’t care if anyone gets upset about him throwing away their music because he is completely done with it. He listed sex positions and places that could be included in dancehall songs aside from the excessive bragging of receiving head and brain, which is popular among the young and upcoming dancehall artistes.

Watch the video with Foota Hype arguing about “sucking” in Dancehall music below.

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