Footage of Police vs Unknown Assailants Along Bog Walk Gorge, 1 Killed – Watch Video

A video of local police said to be engaged in a shootout with multiple unknown assailants has been circulating the internet.

The footage was captured by an eyewitness on the scene a safe distance away from the cluster of activity and gunfire to narrate the events taking place. The video was taken at the Bog Walk Gorge, also known by citizens as Flat Bridge, where the Rio Cobre River runs.


There was only one police jeep on the scene when the gunfire started sometime after 12 on Wednesday afternoon, and the vehicles close to the police officers were seen reversing to get out of range of stray bullets. In the footage, it appears that the officers were shooting at the occupants who fled from a parked, white seven-seater vehicle.

The first police jeep was soon followed by a van of officers who were said to be called in as reinforcement and the doors to the van were open before it came to a full stop. All officers on the scene then engaged in what appears to be an all-out gun battle with the assailant(s) who tried to get away by climbing the steep hills of the gorge.

According to eyewitnesses, at least one of the suspects was shot and killed while others tried to surrender. Further reports state that a woman who was found in the vehicle after the shootout was detained and another individual escaped in the bushy area of the gorge. A firearm was retrieved from the scene.

Reportedly, the police intercepted the vehicle that was said to contain suspects related to the killing of a man earlier on the same day in Riversdale, St. Catherine, when the gunmen opened fire.

Watch the video below:


In response to the video, which was posted on Instagram, some viewers applauded the police on their quick response and how they handled the situation, while others thought that their actions were excessively violent.

Dj_brown26 said, “love that no tax payer money for you,” while 1_gaddafi_music stated, “Di man surrender n dem kill him still..trigger happy police no justice was served jus execution 🙄.”

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