Footage of Police Shooting Man Along Elliston Road, Kingston – Watch Video

A video has surfaced on social media capturing a tense confrontation between law enforcement officers and a man that ended with the man getting shot. A passerby captured the incident whilst in traffic on Elliston Road in Kingston.

The video, shared online depicts a scene where police officers engaged in a standoff with a man sporting a blue shirt and what appears to be blue cut-off jeans. In his hand was a shiny object resembling a knife.


The man stood defiantly as officers pointed their guns towards him. A civilian can be seen in the frame, seemingly attempting to communicate with the man, while a motorcyclist pulled up, drawn by the unfolding commotion.

The situation took a more intense turn as the man began to move in the direction of one of the officers, holding the shiny object aloft.

In response to the perceived threat, one of the officers fired a single shot towards the man’s feet, attempting to warn him and deter his advance. The warning, however, proved futile as the man continued to advance.

What followed was a series of rapid shots. It is unclear how many hit the man due to the obstructive presence of a police jeep in the camera’s line of sight.

See the video below:


Many viewers expressed pity for the man, asserting that he was likely grappling with mental health issues and lamenting the tragic loss of life.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about police training and tactics, particularly in scenarios involving individuals wielding bladed weapons. Advocates argue that law enforcement should receive specialised training to disarm suspects without lethal force.

See some of the comments below:

Police Shooting Comments

In contrast, some asserted that officers have to make split-second decisions when faced with immediate threats and that their primary concern is the safety of themselves and those around them.

See more of the comments below:

Police Shooting Comments


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