Footage of Shootout in Cockburn Pen, One Killed – Watch Video

New surveillance footage has surfaced, showing gunfire erupting in broad daylight in the Cockburn Pen area of Kingston, causing panic and reportedly the death of one man.

Footage of the tragic incident depicts how the drive-by became a brief shootout between a man and the occupants of a dark blue vehicle.

The footage clearly shows two men sitting at the roadside while other people are seen at the entrance of a nearby establishment.

A car drove up to the seated men, then gunshots were fired from the vehicle, prompting the men to run in separate directions as people scurry inside the nearby establishment.

The victim ran along the side of a building, withdrew a handgun from his waist, and opened fire. After firing multiple gunshots, the vehicle sped away. The victim was instantly approached by his associate, who took the gun, inquired if he was shot, and hopped into a nearby white van. However, he only drove the van a short distance before he stopped.

While onlookers were running about the street, the victim entered the van. It was not long before a police service vehicle was seen swiftly driving through the area, heading in the same direction the suspects went.

The scene quickly became chaotic as onlookers flooded the road, shouting, while one woman started screaming and jumping in the street.

Another man was spotted with a gun in the street before multiple people entered the van, and shortly after, it drove off.

Although it was not clear where the victim was shot, it was reported that he succumbed to his injuries.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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