“Gawddd he knows” If Yo See Yo Madda Sit Dung Baddd.. Yuh neva si that bredda [Video]

Jamaican Comedy, More Story for yo ears. Bawda Cat’s brother appears on the scene. He’s not working this time around more like a linkup and drink up vibes with family and friends.

“a woleep a history wi have with Horseman… Horseman a general man” then the next topic was who’s watching their mother or not.


“dem tek up cat and gone a station… dem seh if we nuh come een we cah get cat” Interesting Story of cat and his brothers defending landlord, his brother also went on to state that cat spent days at jail for him “cat nah leak man… cat nuh leak nuh time man…. from him younga bredda”.

Watch the full hilarious video below!

[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/K67KeFL4AO8″]


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