Ginjah Sings Of Overcoming Pressures In ‘Life’: New Song

Saturday, June 29, 2024, 10:29 AM GMT-5

Reggae entertainer Ginjah, birth name Valentine Nakrumah Fraser, has put out his latest track entitled ‘Life’. The single was released on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

Produced by Dre Davis Records, ‘Life’ is available for streaming on multiple platforms such as Amazon Music, Audiomack, Apple Music, and more.

The introspective soulful song details the hardship of life when someone has too much weight on their shoulders and too many different expectations to meet, and how easygoing life gets when these struggles are overcome.

Ginjah sings, “Life is easy when there’s no pressure, what a peace of mind when things getting better. Life is easy when there’s no pressure, when you can do what you wanna do whenever, yeah.”

The artiste mentions how having a stable life that is disrupted by change can lead to insanity, but also stated that this can be overcome if that person’s foundation is not rooted in materialistic gain. 

Some lyrics, “I see a lot of people in di street, hard times sweep dem offa dem feet, annuh every time life gwine sweet, no surrender, no retreat,” he sings, reminding us that living is bittersweet, however, one should not give up the fight.

“From all bondage jah will set me free,” he also declares in the song. Stream the song via any of the links below:




Ginjah who is regarded as ‘THE REGGAE SOULMAN’ birthname is Valentine Nakrumah Fraser, he was born on September 7, 1978, in Hanover, Jamaica. Ginjah is best known for popular songs such as Sweet Killer, Never Lost My Way, and Don’t Let Go.”

Check out a capella version of ‘Life’ below:


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