Gio Allegedly Still Scamming

Speculations are rising once again if popular social media personality Gio is still allegedly scamming persons. With the release of new evidence coming directly from an Instagram account believed to be operated by the influencer, persons are wondering if his account was once again allegedly hacked or if he is trying to blatantly scam someone.

As reported before, YouTubers Gio and Ken, who went MIA for months, are accused of scamming several persons who reported the issue to the police. The couple resurfaced on Instagram denying the allegations, however, after voice notes were released with Gio’s alleged voice requesting personal banking information from individuals, the couple has not been seen or heard from until now.


In his Instagram Story, Gio posted the question, “Want to make some money?”

Continuing he said, “Need: Chase, Bank of America, TD, Wells, Fargo, Citi bank, any credit card.”

The following post shows banking information with $11,259.98 in the visible details. He also added a third post with what seems to be his hand spreading out lots of cash.

Meanwhile, his Instagram page remains completely empty.


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