Gio Allegedly Scamming In Third Leaked Voice Note

Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 1:01 PM GMT-5

Things are getting extremely worse for Gio and Ken with the rumours of the YouTube couple scamming becoming more believable as persons continue to release voice notes of Gio allegedly scamming as he requests bank information from individuals.

After disappearing for over a month and only resurfacing to deny the scamming allegations, the influencers are faced with more incriminating evidence of them being in some shady operations.

The third voice note was shared on Dear Dream Instagram page exposing Gio requesting more bank information from another individual. According to Gio, the transaction they going to do is a “reversal” and instructed the individual, who clarified that they have a Chase bank account, to go to the ATM.

Similarly to the other voice notes, Gio told the individual that he needed their banking information such as how long the account has been active.

In the comment section, which had a few persons puzzled about how this scamming worked, di_don20 explained the process of this scamming method.

“@camerondanni this is a different type of scamming is weh them ask fi yuh bank info and tek loan using the account and them go promise you half of the money but you will not get it. The bank will then request for you to pay back the money that they take,” di_don20 said.

getfit_angel_ also shed some light on what was happening in the leaked messages.

“He was scamming persons because after he does that with their accounts, they either end up has to repay it to the bank as a loan as well as they get blacklisted or go jail,” the commenter stated. “It’s a real serious scam not only to the bank but to the individuals. Similar to what they were doing with NCB.”

Meanwhile, another commenter stated that the bank was actually the one getting scammed and not the individuals Gio supposedly partnered with.

Gio and Ken are yet to respond to these new allegations and leaked evidence.

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