Girlfriend Is Upset After Finding My Messages In Her Mom’s Phone

Disputes are common in relationships, but sometimes persons feel they need a third party to either highlight the errors made or help defuse the situation.

On February 8, a man confessed to confiding in a third party about the problems he was having in his relationship. The man wrote to a pastor seeking advice, saying he had an argument with his girlfriend, and then he got her mother involved. The anonymous writer said that he texted her mother telling her about the dispute and the fact that she was declining his calls.


The writer went on to inform the mother that he loved his girlfriend very much, and that’s when he proceeded to send her screenshots of the argument.

The entire incident had taken place last October, but it wasn’t until January his girlfriend came across the messages when she was searching her mother’s phone. Subsequently, she told him she wanted to end their relationship and blocked then unblocked him several times.

The anonymous writer said that he fears this time she is serious about breaking up. In the letter, he admitted to crying over the phone for her forgiveness. He expressed how sorry he was for hurting her that way, and also stated that he wasn’t thinking rationally. Lastly, he added that he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her, and questioned if he was wrong for texting her mother.

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