Government Making Preparations To Talk With JPS

Saturday, May 1, 2021, 5:46 PM GMT-5

As it concerns the recent calls to JPS regarding the high bills, and accessibility to their services, the Government has initiated talks with the World Bank to discuss the light and power company’s 10-year license.

The notice to the company usually occurs, 5 years before the expiration however, members of the opposition have pushed forward that they should not wait until 2022, to get things in place.

Minister of Science and Energy, Fitzroy Vidal have released statements stating that preparations are being undertaken to facilitate negotiations, with the Jamaica Public Service Company.

Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell also spoke on the matter concerning the current prices of electricity, stating that if they continue to rise, more people will be forced to exit the grid, something which is very damaging to the system especially if bug companies start moving off the grid as well.

This the opposition spokesperson on Energy states will directly affect the Government’s 20 per cent share in the Power company, by diminishing it.

Earlier this year Opposition Spokesperson on Global Logistics, Andre Hylton called for the Government to make fast moves towards discussing the future of electricity in Jamaica with JPS.

One of the solutions put forward by those pushing for a change is for new purchase agreements to be granted, to help keep people on the grid.

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