Gully Bop Says He Is Doing Well

After rumours surfaced about Gully Bop, the entertainer has spoken out on his condition letting the world know just how he is doing at this time. Where the illness that plagued him is concerned, the Jamaica Star who initially published the story said the deejay was faced with complications stemming from a Hernia and tubes being blocked.

As such Gully Bop was last month admitted to the Kingston Public Hospital, and many of his fans had thought that the “White Rum” artiste had passed away however, he has spoken on the matter and has declared that he is feeling better than before. With the assistance, a Helping Hands page was created by Diavallan ‘Dia Warrior’ Fearson, for him with a goal of US$10,000 to help offset his medical expenses, a colostomy bag, as well as ability to have a proper diet and a caretaker.

The deejay is not in support of the funding even though the Helping Hands account has so far accumulated $337. As it relates to the initiative Gully Bop, said he does not want people to be distressed by it so he does not want them to do it, instead, the entertainer said the organizers of the move should let the people keep their money as he now feels better.

The point at which the deejay said he needed the funds was when he was sick but now that he has recovered to an extent, he says he does not need it and can move around and can hustle dubplates to get funds. He went on in the same talk with the Jamaica Star telling them how funny people are when it comes to those types of things but said that they will know that he is alright when they see him driving up and down.

The entertainer’s fans have also expressed their concern for their “Bop Bop”, telling him to get adequate rest but the entertainer seems not to be listening to those words as he is still very much active and even doing some gardening.

He went on to emphasize he feels better by letting the people know that he can manage and has even recorded many songs since his hospital discharge, verbally illustrating that point by letting it know that when a person sings it has to come from their belly bottom.

The “Wuk affa me” artiste also stated that he does not focus on death because when that happens is when it comes, and also happens if a person who is sick stays in bed all the time. The deejay is saying he is born to live nonetheless and that nobody else but God can kill you.

Gully Bop is well known for his unique rise in Dancehall music, which saw him as one of the main acts on Sting 2014, which has stamped itself as one of the best performances ever at the biggest one-night show to be held in Jamaica.

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