WATCH: Gunmen Rob Bar and Take Bottles of Alcohol “Gi mi everything!”

Monday, February 5, 2024, 2:52 PM

Two armed men brazenly robbed a bar in broad daylight, holding up everyone inside at gunpoint. The robbery was captured on a surveillance camera, showing the robbers exiting a white vehicle and swiftly entering the establishment with their handguns drawn.

In the footage, two men are standing at the doorway when the masked perpetrators arrive, prompting the robbers to shove them aside while instructing them to remain in one corner of the bar.


Afterwards, one of the gunmen instructs the bartender to hand over everything “mumma… gi mi everything” he outlined, he then takes a bag from her, a small amount of cash, and proceeds to take bottles of alcohol from the shelf, including Hennesy.

Later, the robbers can be heard instructing everyone inside to surrender their cell phones. 

Shortly after, the robbers exited the bar, in the process of exiting, one of the robbers discharged his weapon in the air before entering the vehicle that quickly drove off.

It’s unclear where the robbery took place in Jamaica and when it happened.

Watch the video of the incident below:

The video was shared on YouTube on Monday, and it mostly garnered criticism from viewers, such as “Sooo, rabbing liquor instead of money. Pretty interesting fellows,” and “Sad rass thief dem yah😮😮😮😮.”

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