Harry Toddler Gets Emotional While Talking on Altercation With General B at Boom Box, “Nuh Man Nuh Touch Him, A Him Cut The Youth” – Watch Interview

Harry Toddler set out to clear up rumours linking his name to the incident surrounding General B via an exclusive interview. The entertainer started by making it clear that he and General B are ‘real bredrin’ and they have never had a physical altercation before, only verbally.

Toddler continued by outlining the backstory of how the Boom Box came to be what it is today; the 90’s Badness deejay also gave credit to those who offered their ideas to the growth of the event, including General B.


As it regards the viral incident, Harry Toddler detailed how bad vibes started to steep into his partnership with General B. Toddler says following an informal meeting between him, General B, and a few other individuals their relationship grew sour after he said no to a particular suggestion by one of the meeting participants.

Following the meeting, Toddler claimed that General B started to pass remarks about him, saying he was a dunce for his response to the suggestion. Toddler says he was only acting in the interest of the brand, seeing how hard he works to keep the Boom Box brand active; he also revealed that General B started to portray badness towards him which included threats.

Toddler then gave his version of events of what happened at the Boom Box event in question as he denied any involvement with the altercation that ensued.

“True me know seh him waa stab me, him a wrestle with the man dem enuh and cut the youth pon him hand, dem a walk from him enuh, nuh man nuh touch him(General B) enuh a him cut the youth pon him hand enuh and chuck a man under him throat cause when time them a move me, me see him a run go back pon the stage, cause them move us from each other,” Toddler explained.

See the video:


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