General B Says He Was Ganged By Friends Of Harry Toddler, “About 15 Man Just a Rush to Me” – Listen Interview

Veteran dancehall artiste General B gives details on what went down at the Boom Box event in which he was shoved off stage by friends of Harry Toddler and ganged afterwards. According to the deejay, he was asked by one of Toddler’s friends to give up the microphone that he was using after he answered Harry Toddler in response to Toddler dissing him.

The veteran artiste describes Harry Toddler as the wickedest person he has ever encountered throughout his life. General B says despite their well-documented toxic past, he did not expect this level of hate from Harry Toddler, seeing that he forgave him for his previous insults.


Via an interview with Youtuber Terro Don, the entertainer recounted what led to the incident by revealing that at the start of the event, Harry Toddler indicated that he did not want to be in his presence. According to him, that’s how things escalated after he ‘big up’ Boom Dandimite and Harry Toddler. Harry Toddler then responded by telling him about his mother.

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General B explained how he feels being disrespected by his business partner on numerous occasions by stating, “Toddler tell me seh go suck my mother something weh you do already, weh deh pon social media too and me never tell you bout you mother nor nothing at all youth, me tell people seh forgive Harry Toddler, me seh bro me mentally hurt more than anything else.”

The entertainer then describes what happened after he was shoved off the stage, “When the man pushes me off a the stage me drop pon me foot enuh, and tek the camera and throw after them, about 15 man just a rush to me enuh, me haffi a ease them off me see knife, all now me nuh know how me nuh get a cut, the man them a try stab left, right and center.”

He concluded by revealing that he avoided being stabbed by defending himself with a piece of a broken camera handle. General B also said he has never been violated that way in his life.


General B, who is one of the creators\promoters of the Boom Box event, told Terro Don that following the incident, he is considering whether he will ever appear on another Boom Box show because the event was started by love and happiness.

See the video below:


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