General B Says He “Wish is a Song” He Went Viral With and Not For Getting Booted Off-Stage 

Veteran artiste and co-creator of the popular Boom Box event, General B, continues to give details about being shoved off stage and reportedly ganged. According to the entertainer, he felt as if every organ inside his body got shaken up due to the push he received despite landing on his feet.

General B, however, admitted that immediately after he fell to his feet off stage, he did not feel anything because of the adrenalin rush. Following all that transpired at the event via another exclusive interview, the singer revealed that he is seriously contemplating discontinuing the Boom Box event.



“Mi never expect that. Mi not even know how fi deal with the situation, but Boom Box Fridays can’t keep again. I can put out an injunction, mi coulda do that long time, but a just true the people, the whole world a call mi,” General B outlines in his interview with The Star.

The entertainer also added that he wished he had gone viral for a song he did instead of being violated publicly, “Mi wish is a song mi did go viral with”. As a result, General B blasts Harry Toddler, whom he called his friend and co-worker for over three decades, for not coming to his defence when he was in need.

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According to the news source, when they contacted Harry Toddler for an exclusive interview to get his response to General B’s claims, the 90s Badness deejay made it clear he was not ready to talk publicly on the matter.

Despite Toddler saying he was not ready to talk, he denied that he had anything to do with General B’s violation. According to the singer, he was unaware of what was taking place with General B because he was placed inside a closed space due to earlier tension between the two creators of the event.

Toddler said as soon as he was aware of what was going on, he rushed to the aid of General B.


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