Harry Toddler Breaks Silence, Says General B “Nearly Stab” Him Backstage and Explains His Side of Boom Box Incident

Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 12:16 AM

According to dancehall veteran Harry Toddler, General B has been going around telling lies about what took place last Friday at Boom Box Fridayz. “A stab him stab him someone enuh bro,” outlines Harry Toddler before he explained that he tried to squash the feud backstage but almost got his blood drawn by his former partner of the popular weekly stage show.

Since the incident took place, General B spoke his side of the story, however, did not make any mention of using a knife to stab or cut anyone backstage. Former M.C. of the show Beekie Bailey also went life to outline that both artistes had an “ego” problem and detailed past instances when things got physical at the event.



Lastly, Harry Toddler has finally broken his silence on the matter to clear his name and give another account of what took place at Boom Box Fridayz recently, “everybody a wonda how Toddla nuh seh nutn yet… people mi a look into mi life how mi nearly dead wah night yah,” says Toddler. Harry Toddler who is yet to give a formal statement to the public told his side of the story via multiple voice notes that are currently making rounds online.

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He went on to outline that General B tried to cut his throat and he is lucky to be alive today.

Listen to one of the voiecenotes below:

In another voicenote, Harry Toddler can be heard saying, “Yo General B nearly stab out di wul a mi belly back stage enuh, dead mi fi dead enuh.”

He also dismissed claims of his friends beating up General B, “yo nuh body nuh fight the youth enough… a just wul dem a wul him a try calm him dung enuh!”

Listen to more of what Harry Toddler had to say below:


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