Beekie Bailey Says Both Harry Toddler and General B Have ‘Ego Problem’ Plus Explains Why He Left Boom Box

Artiste and MC Beekie Bailey shed light on the tensions between veteran artistes General B and Harry Toddler, which resulted in a heated altercation at the Boom Box Fridayz event. Bailey’s candid account paints a vivid picture of ego clashes and power struggles that plagued the event.

Beekie Bailey disclosed that General B approached him during the event’s early weeks, seeking assistance to bring structure to Boom Box Fridayz. He helped create a WhatsApp group for brainstorming and sharing ideas. He stated that General B set up social media pages, established a cash app account, and even built a bar for the event.



Initially, things went smoothly. As the platform grew, funding from “Caribbean Talents” allowed for grand additions like the Boom Box Fridayz Banner, however, the funding was kept a secret between Harry Toddler and General B.

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According to Bailey, the feud between General B and Harry Toddler originated in a dispute over control of the Boom Box Fridayz platform. The first public rift emerged when General B planned an overseas event without consulting Harry Toddler. Bailey and mediator Boom Dandimite tried to mend the strife, but underlying tensions remained.

According to Bailey, resentment began to fester among participants who felt excluded from the event’s benefits. Bailey said he brought in Boom Dandimite as the stage manager, but General B and Harry Toddler remained at odds.

Tragically, the passing of Boom Dandimite marked a turning point for Beekie Bailey. He expressed that he found it challenging to maintain peace between the two feuding artistes. He foresaw the impending confrontation between Harry Toddler and General B, stepping away from Boombox Fridayz after no one contacted him about the Reggae Sumfest event.


He concluded that many involved lacked a collaborative spirit and were reluctant to reinvest in the event. One exception was General B, who actively engaged with young talents and shared some of the proceeds.

Beekie pointed out a significant setback in the form of Video Face, the videographer, who refused to stream on the official Boom Box Fridayz Channel, causing friction with him and extended to General B. Bailey says he believes transparency was lacking, and people were more interested in personal gains.

Beekie Bailey also recounted an incident involving Harry Toddler, where a physical altercation occurred but was diffused by dancehall artiste Ghost. Despite the tumultuous events, Bailey acknowledged the inherent goodness in both General B and Harry Toddler.

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