Flexxx Bashes and Blames Harry Toddler for General B’s Assault at Boom Box – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Flexxx added his voice to the now-viral incident surrounding General B and Harry Toddler. Flexxx went off on Harry Toddler as he blamed him for what happened to General B, who was shoved off-stage and ganged at the popular Boom Box event.

The former Gully Squad member expressed his unfiltered anger via a live video; Flexxx says the incident is weighing heavy on his mind, and he had no choice but to address the incident. He started by dissing the person in the viral video who pushed General B off-stage, who he calls a ‘hungry entourage member.’



Flexxx then called out Harry Toddler for his non-action by stating, “All you Harry Toddler, you a waa wicked boy, a so uno would mek dem beat General B and kill him and nobody no seh nothing nobody, nuh stop it a that me a try tell uno, and memba me tell you seh youth if one a uno ever try all that wid me one-day man, my youth me vex, me vex.”

Flexx said what made the incident hurt even worse was it was an individual who was not even an artiste who shoved General B off-stage and the fact that other artistes were present at the event with none jumping to the defence of General B, as he put it, people don’t seem to respect artistes anymore.

The entertainer also outlined that he was happy that he is ‘bad’ and has friends who can defend his honour, hence the reason for him rolling with a large entourage.

In closing, Flexxx says this incident only highlights the lack of unity in dancehal\reggae and the main reason it’s plagued with badmind and corruption.

See the video below:


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