Husband Puts Portmore Pastor on Blast For Having Sex With His Wife, “Yuh Nyam Weh Me Wife From Me” – Watch Video

Friday, December 15, 2023, 9:42 AM

An alleged ex-member of the New Testament Church of God in Portmore attempts to expose the pastor connected to the church, known as pastor Smith, for sexual affairs with his wife and other female members of his congregation.

The disgruntled man, via social media, released several videos ranting about his experience with his former pastor and gave details on the pastor’s alleged grievous actions.


“Every time yuh know when me nuh di deh yuh come deh bout yuh a pray, eeh? Yuh a pray and uno a pray and uno a lock up inna room and a pray. This morning me son seh him waa pray wid uno and yuh a seh yuh cannot bring him before God now him must stay pon the outside and he seh him hear uno a talk and then uno stop talk, and then he hear mommy a bawl, why mommy a bawl and uno a pray and nuh get in a no sprit eeh? A f**k yuh in deh a f**k mi wife,” he declared.

As he went on, the ex-church member swore to not return to the church and discontinue to be a Christian, as well as issued a few threats to pastor Smith. According to the husband, he will be looking for the pastor with a bomb.

In the other videos, the seemingly grieving husband, who has resorted to drinking alcohol to ease his pain, expressed how his life is now ruined due to the pastor because his wife had left him. He also made more allegations against the pastor, as per the husband, the pastor was touching boys and girls sexually and performing oral sex on his wife.

“A lef yuh to god pastor, yuh nyam out me wife pu**y inna hole, a hear that she have to do surgery, she going in tomorrow to do surgery, a doh know if yuh bore yuh bore up whatever god put in her belly wid the long cock yuh have under yuh, but yuh surely f**k up me wife and yuh f**k me up, yuh f**k up me meds,” he revealed.

See the video below:

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