Indian Woman Wakes Up in Hearse Moments Before Cremation

There have been multiple reports of people suddenly waking up after they were initially believed to be dead. In a February 2023 incident, a 66-year-old woman from Iowa was suddenly gasping for air inside a body bag at a funeral home after her nursing home mistakenly assumed she had passed away.

Another similar incident occurred not long after, when an 82-year-old woman on Long Island, who was pronounced dead, opened her eyes before she was cremated.

The most recent reported incident involves an Indian woman who suffered burns covering half of her body.

According to the Times of India, the 52-year-old woman, Bujji Aamma, sustained severe burns in a house fire on February 1. Aamma, a Berhampur resident, received medical attention at MKCG Medical College and Hospital.

The report detailed that after she was released to her family, her condition worsened, and they were unable to take her to another hospital due to financial constraints. Aamma’s family believed she had passed away on Monday when she displayed no signs of breathing, and her eyes remained closed.

A statement from Aamma’s 54-year-old husband, Sibaram Palo, in Times of India explained that the family “informed others in the locality to arrange a hearse van to carry the body to the cremation ground.”

Residents donated for Aamma’s cremation, and she was subsequently transported to a funeral home. A statement from a woman who accompanied Aamma in the hearse said that after Aamma arrived, her eyes opened, and she “responded” to the calls of those around her.

Additionally, the Times of India reported that a source at the cremation center said that while outsiders are required to present a death certificate to carry out the last rites of a relative, residents from the area did not need to have one.

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