Information Minister Defends Reparation And Republicanism Talks For British Royal Family Visit

Minister with Responsibility for information Robert Morgan has given his opinion on the upcoming visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Jamaica.

The Minister gave his word on the matter to Nationwide radio on Monday following the release of a public letter by the “Advocacy Network” who were very critical about the upcoming visit of the Duke and Duchess while requesting that on behalf of the British royal family they apologize for slavery while taking into regard reparation. The civil society group also demanded that the British Royals, join Jamaica in celebrating its 60th year of Independence from their colonial rule.


According to Minister Robert Morgan, Jamaican people can have an assurance that matters concerning reparations are being seriously considered by the Government yet, he did not make mention if that issue or the one concerning Jamaica becoming a Republic would be raised on the British Royal’s visit.

As such the Minister expressed to Nationwide news that the Government has nonetheless committed itself to have Jamaica transformed into a Republican country.

As for the taxes to be incurred by Jamaicans due to the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Minister Morgan said he was not able to provide any information on that.

Prince William and his wife Kate, are set to pay their courtesy visit with Prime Minister Andrew Holness at 10:00 am on Wednesday.

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