Intence and IWaata start “HAVOC” in New Music Video

September 12, 2020

St. Andrew dancehall artiste Intence and IWaata who both came in the game together are now looking to start a “HAVOC”, however, before brandishing a gun and spitting hardcore lyrics, the video started with an entertaining twist.

Intence was picking a team which seemingly already has Iwaaat and his requirements were that only person wearing Polo or Reebok sneakers can play on his side which caused an uproar from persons who did not have on the brands but wanted to be on his team.


“Watch yah nuh any man weh nuh have on Polo or Reebok cah deh pan dah side yah… from yo nuh have on Polo or Reebok jus guh ova deh suh” the Yeng Boss outlines.

In the song, Intence reminds his critics that he’s on top now based on the stats while Iwaata informs his enemies that he always has his gun loaded.

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In Just 7 hours, the song has racked up over 80k views on youtube.

SOME LYRICS “Some man weh did hot dem coll, a wee run di place a nuh unuh”.

Released September 2020, Produced by ZimiEnt. Watch full video below.


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