Items Associated with Obeah Seized During Joint Security Forces Operation in Negril – See Photos

During a joint operation between the Jamaican security forces, multiple items linked to lottery scamming were seized, as well as several items associated with obeah.

The seizure of occult paraphernalia during anti-lottery scamming operations is no longer an oddity. As lottery scamming becomes more prevalent in Jamaica, so too does its practitioners’ apparent reliance on items customarily associated with obeah.


On September 14, a joint police and military operation in several sections of Negril, Westmoreland, resulted in the apprehension of two men. In photos shared by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) of the items seized during the operation, a small quantity of cash and multiple digital devices, consisting of several phones and a laptop, can be seen.


Notably, present in the items taken on Thursday were five bottles of various concoctions to ensure the user’s good fortune. The bottles consisted of spiritual bath washes and were entitled Money Bag, Uplifting, Money Drawing, All Purpose, and Powerful Indian Fast Luck for house blessings.

Cards, which seemingly featured prayers and several religious and occult symbols, were also taken. Several viewers of the JCF’s post to Instagram joked that the scammers had seemingly forgotten to get a concoction to protect them from the police.

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