Jada Fans Worried for Her Safety in Relationship with Pardi After Controversial Moment on Live – Watch Video

Friday, November 24, 2023, 8:01 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom and Rapper Pardison Fontaine (Pardi) started off their relationship on a slippery slope when rumours of Jada being the other woman Pardi cheated on Megan Thee Stallion with hit the internet. However, Jada made it clear that the woman was not her but some people still thought that the relationship was doomed from the start because Pardi was a cheater.

Despite the gossip, Pardi and Jada have been seen together on multiple occasions such as dinner dates and club outings where the couple seemed to be enjoying themselves. Flaunting their relationship, the new couple is making rounds online, in particular via a picture of the two at a beach, with Jada in a two-piece brown bikini and cowboy hat, while Pardi wore a headwrap (or swim cap) and swim trunks.

They threw up deuces as they posed for the picture.

They also featured in a LIVE together where Pardi was singing and being silly with a woman. People questioned who the woman was, while others were certain that it was the Best You’ve Ever Had singer because of her unique voice that could be heard in the background.

In the the video clip from the LIVE, Pardi sings along to Brent Faiyaz Been Away as Jada played around asking what was on his chain. The two then started interacting away from the camera before Pardi could be seen again and Jada asked him to pass a shirt.

Watch the video below:

Although the clip seemed to be just them playing around, a few fans noted a red flag (cause for concern) from their interaction. It was a brief moment when the rapper turned away from the camera, raised his hand, and then went off screen followed by Jada screaming “Stop”.

Though some thought it could be play fighting, others took it seriously, saying Pardi looked a bit too comfortable raising his hand at a woman. Nickygreggwest stated, “A me also saw him raise his hand and she say stop! 😯 me no like this at all.”

Similarly, some commenters also had bad things to say about Jada, calling her “Dancehall Mattress” and warning Pardi that Jada doesn’t stay in relationships long so he should try not to fall for her.

Read more comments below:

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