Jada Kingdom Twerks on Pardi

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:32 PM

Amid the cheating rumours, Jada Kingdom and her boyfriend, Pardi, were spotted having the time of their lives at an event, evidently unbothered by the accusations.

The happy couple has been accused of having an affair by Megan Thee Stallion’s fanbase after she dropped a song that spilt the tea about how she caught her boyfriend cheating.



Pardi, Megan’s last publicly known ex, came under attack from fans who believed he was the cheater, and since Jada Kingdom is the new girlfriend, she was dragged for being the alleged side chick.

While Pardi Fontaine did not address the rumours, Jada Kingdom spoke out and told the internet trolls that she was not the side chick.

Not allowing the rumours to put a dent in their happiness, the pair went to an event together and put their bliss on display, as well as their dance moves.

The Heavy singjay was captured twerking on the rapper as he whined on her butt. The two were grooving to Jada Kingdom’s song, and Pardi slowly danced on Jada even while taking a shot.

Watch the videos of Jada and Pardi below:


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