Jada Kingdom Opens Up About Her Past… Says “Mi Damage”

Jada Kingdom has opened up about her past, revealing that she is a survivor of many dark experiences such as being a rape victim at a young age on more than one occasion.

The 23-year-old female shared a list of multiple horrific experiences she has had growing up during a Livestream, while she explained why her “attitude stink” and why she was not going to be bullied by anyone. Jada also outlined that she is damaged, “mi damage” she shouted in the live chat.


Revealing “not even half” of what she has been through, Jada stated that she was raped twice in one month at a “tender fucking age,” and she was also almost killed.

“Almost get killed, almost get shot, gyal set yuh up, gyal set mi up,” she stated, which resulted from her trying to be friends with a female.

“Gaw movie wid gyal, she send har big bredda fi act like seh di taxi fi come pick mi up, fi go rape me off, fi go fuck mi off and do weh mi nuh know wah to mi. A good ting mi ketch up di rake and see di play and dat neva end up happen to mi.”

As she continued, Jada added no one knew her background and now, at her age, she was not going to take disrespect from anyone. She sent a warning that she would “slam” anyone who approached her the wrong way, regardless of who the person is.

The “Banana” singer went on to say the transition into stardom, after experiencing so many things in her life, was not easy, because after becoming a celebrity she had to make a lot of changes in her lifestyle and came to the realization that her life was no longer her own.

“My life tun people life, everything mi do now affect people, everything mi do somebody have something fi seh,” Jada continued as she noted that she was still coping with it all.


Responding to a comment from a fan telling her to “stay strong”, Jada went on to say that she was definitely staying strong, because she could not depend on anyone, and if she had tried, people would have driven her to “hang” herself long ago.

For several weeks, Jada has been dealing with the criticism surrounding her new appearance after she became thinner, which rumours claimed was the result of her doing surgery and using drugs.

An extremely upset, Jada denied the rumours and announced that she was on a diet. Following those rumours, she has also been receiving more criticism for her public feud with her ex-best friend Asian Doll, who has made threats and revealed that Jada had sex for money.


Watch as Jada talks her mind in the video below.

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