Jada Kingdom shows-us Scammer who took $4600USD from her Fan

November 4, 2020

Jada Kingdom took to live to talk about persons attacking her in her DM requesting work that they paid for however, Jada is dismissing these claims of $4600 being paid in one instance and $500 in another.

“I want you guys to be careful… don’t get scammed” she informed her fans.


“Mi nuh want unuh a come inna mi DM a attack me bout mi tek unuh money and run gone wid unuh money and unuh nah hear from mi manager and all these foolishness … doh tell me seh a suh scamma easy fi get unh money” She states.

Jada also touched on a female telling her that she got scammed via Snapchat, something she was surprised about “how people fi get scam pan Snapchat” she asked before outlining that anybody who wants to do business with her, to book her via bookings@popstylemusic.com, she also mentioned that the correct info is in her IG bio and she doesn’t do business via social media only via email.

She did not stop there as she went on to call out a radio personality who works on a Jamaican radio station as being one of the culprits taking people’s money on her behalf without her knowing.

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See her statement posted online after her live chat below.

Jada Kingdom has been vocal on social media in recent times as we reported last week that she was tied up in a feud with rising female dancehall artiste Chikie Grainz over the “Eastside Queen” or “Queen of the East” name.


According to Chikie Grainz she had the name from 2016 while on the other hand, Jada Kingdom explains that she got the name from 2015, her mother gave it to her after winning a competition.

Chikie Grainz

After much back and fort between the two seemingly via Instagram Dm, the chat is leaked for the world to see. Check out the messages between the two below.

Jada followed up with voicenotes, “me neven did know all a dat… mi thing a eastside queen… a just one a dem ting deh… a one eastside… mek mi tell yuh from now nuh money nuh inna dah beef thing deh.. a waste a time” Says Jada who recently tried to clash fellow female dancehall star Shenseea.


“Mi cah war wid yo… mi cah theif supn mi neva know exist” Jada went on to explain to Chikie Grainz that she respects her as an artiste from the east but that’s it and she did not hear about her until she did a freestyle and fans brought up the name “Chikie Grainz” to her.

Jada concluded stating that she is not into social media war because her badness is beyond that.


Most recently we’ve seen the St. Thomas queen calling out Popcaan on his dodgy ways. On one of his most recent live streams, she asked “Afta mi ask yuh fi remix mi song Win a dis yuh pull? ok.”

Popcaan did not answer the question and Jada wrote, “Ok” at the end to suggest she already know the answer.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out between the two St. Thomas artistes in the coming weeks or months.

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