Jahshii Reacts to John Coop’s Diss – Watch Video

Jahshii wasted no time responding to Skeng’s producer, John Coop, who undoubtedly made it clear that Jahshii and Skeng were no longer playing on the same team. In fact, Coop dissed Jahshii by explicitly telling him, “Suck yuh mada,” while he was on Instagram Live. Even though Jahshii is said to have taken the first shots at Skeng, the obscenity that referred to his mother was not taken lightly. During his performance at Sharkies Seafood Festival, Jahshii responded to John Coop’s disrespectful comment with several songs.

“Yuh have some man a elaborate pan a lot a things. Dem seh mi shot miself. Dem wouldn’t know dat if me neva tell dem dat….Mi do my song dem offa experience,” he explained before breaking into his song Stronger. He continued by stating that he shared his experience of shooting himself because he wanted his fans to know about his past. He added, “Some bwoy nuh know dem past, so dem nuh know dem future.” He later gave a brief speech about friends turning enemies out of fear in between his songs before he addressed what John Coop said about his mother. 

He began by declaring, “Yuh can dis mi and get way any time, diss mi friend dem and get way anytime, but yuh see from yuh diss mi mada…” He went into singing “house affi bun dung, people affi run way” from his single Shift Change.

Watch Jahshii’s performance below:

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