Jahshii Releases “Born Soldier” Music Video

Sunday, September 18, 2022, 5:28 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Jahshii has released his Born Soldier single on YouTube, which speaks about defying the odds with God on his team as he walks his own path and faces those who fight against him. The song, produced by Collect Di Bread Entertainment, begins with harmonious vocals and a monologue that shares thoughts on snitching, being badmind, envious, and seizing what one wants.

Following the speech, Jahshii, who is seen seated on a three-wheeled motorcycle, begins the first verse by saying, “The more mi live, the more mi learn; the more mi give, the more mi earn.”

He said that he knows that he is not obligated to get certain things in life, so he waits for his time to come. As the song continues, Jahshii is seen riding his motorcycle with his crew, and another shot shows him standing alongside them. 

Speaking about jealous friends who only have bad intentions, Jahshii added, “Mi neeven pay dem nuh mind, mi neeven talk bout dat. Owna lane a do mi owna ting; me unnuh cyah programme.” Throughout the chorus of the song, he chanted, “First nation a born soldier.”

Watch Jahshii’s Born Soldier below.


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