Skeng’s Producer John Coop Disses Jahshii – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 11:26 AM GMT-5

After months of speculating whether or not there is strife between dancehall deejays Skeng and Jahshii, it seems that Skeng’s producer John Coop has confirmed that the two are no longer friends. Coop made disrespectful remarks about Jahshii while he was streaming Live on Instagram, following comments from his viewers that inquired about Jahshii throwing shade at Skeng.

The Born Soldier artiste was presumed to be taking shots at Skeng in his songs, with the most memorable diss being a statement saying he is not friends with any “Cokehead.” The line was believed to be a direct jab at Skeng, given that people have labelled him a drug addict due to his various songs glorifying Molly, a mood-altering drug. 


During the IG Live stream, viewers were inquiring about Jahshii throwing shade again, leading Coop to sing a song by Intence entitled Correction, wherein the artiste takes shots at several deejays, including Jahshii. In the single, Intence says, “Dah one deh bad fi shot himself, dah one deh bad in front a film.” Given that Jahshii publicly spoke about shooting himself when he was younger, there is no doubt that the line is meant for him. Coop sang the same lines before saying, “RG neva tell a lie. RG run di grung…. Suck yuh madda Jahshii.” He ended the Livestream shortly after. RG is an abbreviation for Skeng’s Ratty Gang camp, while First Nation represents Jahshii’s camp.

Watch the video of John Coop below.

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