Jaii Frais Addresses Critics and Shenseea Interview Backlash – Watch Video

Friday, February 2, 2024, 3:29 PM

Following his much-talked-about interview with Shenseea, which failed to meet the expectations of some viewers, podcaster Jaii Frais has addressed the backlash and his critics, including The Fix, Trippple X, and Demarco.

During his recent interview with Shenseea, Jaii Frais discussed his viral opinion that the singer had ‘flopped’ since migrating to the United States. The interview was seemingly far too civil for some viewers, who criticised Jaii Frais for not displaying the same attitude he had in his initial critique.


Following the backlash, Jaii Frais addressed the criticism on the latest episode of his podcast, Let’s Be Honest. He questioned what specifically was different in the interview than his initial critique as he reiterated that she had not made a hit song since her move.

Jaii Frais also noted that he had previously praised the Blessed singer for being a phenomenal artiste and said that he is a fan. Speaking on why the interview was different from his usual sit-downs with other artistes, the podcaster disclosed that he had limited time to conduct the interview.

From left: Walk and Talk and Jaii Frais

According to Jaii Frais, he had been informed of the time that they would have to talk, but due to a hectic travel schedule, he was late for the interview. Jaii Frais said this led to the interview not being as thorough as the podcast’s usual lengthy discussions with entertainers.

Addressing his friendly behaviour towards Shenseea during the interview, Jaii highlighted that the artiste was also being very cordial. He further expressed bewilderment as to what was wrong with him being friendly with a female quest.

Jaii Frais went on to address statements made by Arianne ‘Ari’ Hammond of The Fix podcast that he deemed highly disrespectful. Hammond, who co-hosts The Fix alongside Javielle ‘Javi’ Martin and Orane ‘Naro’ Hart, discussed Shensee’s return to dancehall on their podcast.

She did not call out Jaii Frais or his podcast but said Shenseea needed to do an interview with a proper entertainment journalist to explain why she had abandoned the genre. A clearly upset Jaii Frais described the critique as jealousy, as his platform has surpassed theirs.

Jaii Frais also addressed Demarco for calling him out during a recent live stream, as well as selector and radio talk show host Trippple X for criticising him and his show.

Watch the video.

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