Shenseea Addresses Being Called A “Flop” As Well As Asks for More Patience and Support from Jamaicans – Watch Interview

Monday, January 29, 2024, 6:49 AM

Dancehall artiste Shenseea urges dancehall and Caribbean fans to exercise more patience with local artistes as she responds to being labelled a “flop” since migrating to America. The Hit and Run artiste revealed that she knew it would take time for her to find a global hit, therefore fans should not write her off and be more supportive of her experimental musical endeavours.

Shenseea made it clear she was still representing dancehall and Jamaican culture despite her trying her hand at pop music. She continued by expressing how she felt fans should have reacted to her new path via an interview.


The host of the ‘Let’s Be Honest’ podcast, Jaii, was one such fan who said she fell off in recent years. She responded to his and many other fan’s remarks, urging them to implement a different perspective on the matter.

“Overall, like Caribbean, on a whole, I feel like we are supposed to support each other more because just like how you (Jaii) seh yuh never look at it that you could a look at it as a perspective to be like, yow Shenseea a me artiste enuh, ge her some time, as a fan, she a go out deh inna the world inna the big blue ocean mek we ge her some time and support,” Shenseea expressed.

Shenseea also addressed fans who said she is a ‘sell-out’ to dancehall and Jamaica. According to Shenseea, local fans only miss seeing her on local soil regularly. She also paid infinite respect and pledged her forever loyalty to the person who ‘took her from the dirt,’ Romeich.

Watch interview:

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