Jamaica’s Government Plans to Ban Corporal Punishment

Friday, July 23, 2021, 9:36 AM GMT-5

The devastating news of a 4-year-old Boy that was badly beaten then died shortly after has sent a wake-up call to our Government. The latest report from Prime Minister Andrew Holiness is that the government will be pushing for the legislative ban on all corporal punishment.

Mr Holness said in a statement on Tuesday that parents should no longer administer corporal punishment to any child, which is often violent, “In the name of Discipline.” Mr Holness touched on the topic at hand regarding Nashaun Brown, who passed away after he was brutally beaten for eating his food slowly. He described the little boy as a “promising 4-year-old.”

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The 24-year-old stepfather who is known as Shaun Bennett has been arrested and charged with cruelty to a child, child abuse, assault with bodily harm and unlawful wounding. Even the child’s mother was attacked when she tried to stop him from beating her son.

The Prime Minister also explained that the matter has once again brought to the fore “The plight of our children as they continue to face physical, sexual and emotional abuse from the adults in their lives who have the responsibility to provide love, nurture, care and protection for these, our most vulnerable citizens.”

He also mentioned how the country is horrified by the continuous violence on the island and downright cruelty to our children, he outlined that he will not tolerate such actions. He is crying out to the nation that this ban on corporal punishment is important and how it will also help the young boys who have been beaten by their mother and then turn to a life of crime.

Mr Holness said Jamaica and other Caribbean countries are ranking the highest on corporal punishment and highest rank on homicide in the world. He makes a strong and valid point “if we are to have a society free of violence, we must stop corporal punishment.”

This meeting was held in the House of Representatives.

The police are till awaiting the post- mortem results to determine if additional changes will be given to Bennett.

RELATED: Stepfather Arrested for Death of Badly Beaten 4yo

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