Kaseeno Posts Suicidal Statement

Dancehall artiste Kaseeno has been one of the main faces in the music spotlight recently due to a video leaking showing him conducting oral sex on a female.

With the video being out, there have been persons including the popular Dancehall selector Foota Hype, bashing the “Come Over” deejay for his actions.


With all the comments out there against him, it seems Kaseeno has now decided he cannot take it anymore regardless of how comfortable he seemed with the matter as he took to his Instagram account and made a post suggesting he is considering suicide.

In the post, the deejay uploaded a photo of himself looking out in a distraught manner, with a caption stating “God nah sleep I will see you in the next life”.

In the comments section of the post, some persons dealt with the matter like a joke to the extent of even urging him to do it while others showed signs of concern and gave words of encouragement to him.

Screenshot 20220419 191412 Instagram

Since the entertainer’s emergence on the Dancehall scene, Kaseeno has been well recognized in 2022, for his unique image and voice, which has been sparking controversy and so this post might just be him toying with his fans.

Screenshot 20220419 190538 Instagram

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