KFC Jamaica Announces Chicken Shortage

On Friday, February 4th, KFC Jamaica warned consumers of the upcoming challenges they will face purchasing certain meals because of the chicken shortage the franchise is now facing.
KFC Jamaica made the announcement on Twitter that the shortage is because the sole supplier, Jamaica Broilers, is experiencing “significant supply challenges.” KFC also added that this would cause the inability to purchase certain meals at selected restaurants islandwide. However, they did not release which of their 40 locations would be affected.
KFC Jamaica assured customers that they were working on rectifying the issue, but for the time being, it is out of their hands.

Check out KFC’s official statement below.

Nevertheless, Jamaica Broilers posted on social media explaining that there is no shortage of chicken. The company assured that their system was currently updating, and this would make some customers receive reduced quantities of products temporarily.
Jamaica Broiler companies have been facing issues from the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They produce 60 percent of total poultry on the island, while backyard farmers supplied the remaining 40 per cent.

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