KFC Worker and Customer in Heated Argument: Footage

Tensions were high in a KFC restaurant in Jamaica as a female worker and a customer were filmed in a heated argument apparently over an order.

In the footage, the cashier who is separated from the female customer by a glass compartment behind a counter, hurls back-to-back insults and expletives at each other, as well as making threats. The incident appears to stem from the customer asking the cashier to pack out something, however, was told that she was busy cashing at the moment.

“From she come cash she seh if me can go pack it out, mi seh mi cya dweet cuz mi a cash,” the cashier said while trying to explain it to another female coworker who stepped into man the register.

But, according to the customer, the cashier stopped cashing and went somewhere else without fulfilling her request. “Mi ask har from how long, she stop cash and deh over deh suh.”

The argument continued for minutes, with customers looking, while both women made threats to each other. A security guard soon stepped in, seemingly asking for the customer’s ticket to try and squash the situation but even that did not help.

The date and location of the incident is unknown.

Watch the full KFC incident below:

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