Killing of ‘Termite’, High-Ranking Don in Spanish Town Ignites Fears of Retaliation

Saturday, April 20, 2024, 11:18 AM

Sheldon Walters, an alleged high-ranking gang member and de facto leader of the One Don gang, was shot and killed in Spanish Town on Friday night by members of the security forces.

Reports state that Walters, who went by the alias Termite, led the Top Bank faction of the One Don gang of the Klansman criminal group. Following the arrest of former One Don leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan a few years ago and his subsequent conviction last year, Walters reportedly took over control of the remnants of the gang.


The precise details of Walters’ death last night have not yet been disclosed. However, reports state that the reputed gang leader was shot and killed by members of the St. Catherine North police division in the community of Top Bank.

His death has since ignited fears of retaliation, with worried individuals expressing concern online that members of the One Dong gang may seek revenge.

“Gunman dem, please please dont kill no innocent ppl cause unu mad. I beg. Mek the ppl dem weh no involve inna crime and just want reach home and go about them day, do so in peace. Please,” one concerned Instagram user wrote reacting to Walters’ death.

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