Kirby Gets Emotional and Speaks Out For Women – Video

February 5, 2021

Kirby, recently took to her social media in a very emotional state, however this time the situation was not about Majah however it is clear that her personal experience came as a result of that.

This time around she was wearing the cape, as a social activist speaking for the women that are being slaughtered by the men.


In the video, she was crying and made it clear that she could not sleep because the matter is on her mind.

She explained that many might say that she is seeking attention, and that is something she agrees with and says she will continue to speak up for the disadvantaged women.

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Kirby stated that if no one speaks about the situation, there will be no change and she loves herself too much to sit back and not say anything.

While being emotional in her expression she mentioned the lives of two women that were taken, further stating that women go hard for men but males are wiping them off the earth one by one.

This breakdown is coming after Majah Hype, was recently arrested on several charges stemming from abuse claims, and sex tape releases of his former spouse.


The comedian also, took to social media too to make things right by offering solutions to black families, that are going through the same thing Kirby was speaking about.

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