LA Lewis Interviews “Romie” Mother to Clear Jahshii’s Name and Clarify Rumours – Watch Video

Social media personality LA Lewis talked to Omar “Romie” Wright’s mother to put an end to the circulating allegations regarding Romie, his brother, and dancehall artiste Jahshii.

The rumour that spread like wildfire on social media claimed that Romie was in a physical altercation with Jahshii’s mother on the day of his demise. Further rumours also claimed that Jahshii allegedly orchestrated his murder and the victim’s brother sent threats.

In the interview, LA Lewis and the victim’s mother indicated that the rumours are baseless lies. LA Lews described Romie as a father of four to five children and an entrepreneur who was neither a “bad man” nor a “wanted man.”

Additionally, Romie’s mother clarified that her son was not a “notorious man” while describing him as a hustler who eventually had a “downfall” that apparently made something change inside him.

However, they said he did not throw water at Jahshii’s mother, which was what the rumours stated. While LA Lewis said Romie and the singer’s mother were like family, the victim’s mother expressed, “If Romie did throw water on Lorna, I wudda hear, if Romie spit inna Lorna face mi wudda hear, if Romie kick off Lorna soup pot, mi wudda hear, and Lorna said nothing like that.”

Adding that the singer’s mother also wanted the false rumours to end, the grieving mother stated that although Romie and Lorna might have had arguments, there were no physical disputes. She also shared that Romie would mob the floors of Jahshii’s mother’s shop just as he did his own.

Furthermore, they dismissed the allegations that his brother, rumoured to be a “Don” from Grants Pen, was sending threats from overseas. “Lie dem a tell pan di woman son. Di woman son deh a foreign, of course him a mourn fi him bredda. Mi a mourn fi di yout to cause di yout was mi fren,” LA Lewis added.

Watch the video of La Lewis and Romie’s mother below:

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